Key Vote: LB 472

Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska director, Matt Litt, sent the following correspondence to state senators today in regards to the upcoming debate on LB 472, Obamacare Medicaid expansion. … Senator I hope this finds you well. As you know from previous communications or through various forms of media our organization is opposed to LB 472, Obamacare Medicaid […]

No, “Conservative” Medicaid Expansions Don’t Work Either

Medicaid has been called a “humanitarian catastrophe” and “the greatest scandal in America. Bigger than Madoff, bigger than the Wall Street bailout, bigger even than the plight of the uninsured” because of the poor outcomes seen in the program. Medicaid is squeezing state budgets, driving the national debt, and delivering atrocious health outcomes. As many […]

Is the ACA Affordable for You?

The affordability of the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, for Nebraskans and their fellow Americans is an issue for most. Around the country insurance companies have been bracing their customers for further rate shock. A new study from the University of Minnesota predicts that the worst is yet to come with costs projected to outpace […]