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AFP in LJS: Six-figure Salaries for School Administrators Too Much?

June 03, 2013

Recently a local school administrator wrote an editorial bemoaning the fact their district would not be receiving an increase in taxpayer-funded state aid funding. We asked the question; with the Superintendent receiving compensation equal to $160-per-student is taxpayer money being wisely spent? Superintendent pay Wahoo Public Schools Superintendent Galen Boldt penned a letter critical of [...]

Sen. Krist Attacks AFP for Educating Constituents

May 29, 2013

Sen. Bob Krist attacks AFP on the floor of the Nebraska Unicameral for having the gall to let constituents know how their state senators vote on the issues. At issue is an amendment to the state budget offered by Sen. Ken Schilz that would have provided direct property tax relief to Nebraska families.  Unfortunately, the [...]

Sen. Krist’s Legislative Move Was Misguided

May 28, 2013

From today’s Omaha World-Herald, a public pulse letter written by a veteran who is critical of Sen. Bob Krist for attempting to attach an amendment that would expand Medicaid to a Veterans bills.  The writer calls out Sen. Krist for this politically-based shenanigan. Legislative move was misguided On May 21, State Sen. Bob Krist of Omaha attempted to [...]

Nebraska Ranks 21st in Economic Performance, 37th in Economic Outlook

May 23, 2013

Nebraska’s economy is middle-of-the-pack with significant challenges to future growth, according to the annual ‘Rich States, Poor States’ report produced by former Reagan adviser Dr. Art Laffer and economists Stephen Moore and Jonathan Williams. Nebraska’s economy ranks 21st in comparative performance and our prospective outlook ranks 37th. While Nebraska has suffered the national economic crisis relatively better [...]

Keep the IRS out of Health Care: Repeal Obamacare

May 17, 2013

The IRS has admitted to targeting Americans who opposed the President’s big government agenda. This same IRS is the agency tasked with enforcing the many mandates, taxes, and regulations in ObamaCare. What a chilling thought for most Americans. This is yet another reason why we must repeal Obama’s disastrous law. This Thursday the House once again [...]