York County Boards Votes Down Anti-KXL Resolution

July 23, 2013

This morning the York County Board voted down a anti-KXL resolution.  You can read about it here at the Omaha World Herald.  Below is our statement to the press:



AFP-Nebraska Applauds York County Board’s KXL Decision:

Anti-KXL Resolution Fails to Pass York County Board

Lincoln, NE, July 23, 2013: On Tuesday, July 23, the York County Board voted down a resolution to oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline in York County.  Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska believes the County Board made a prudent decision on the measure.

“The York County Board made a wise decision to move passed this anti-Keystone XL Pipeline resolution and signal that York County and the state are great places for business,” said Matt Litt, Deputy State Director, Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska.

Litt also stated, “two government agencies with a vested interest in preserving our state’s natural resources, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Department of State, have deemed the Keystone XL Pipeline to have little to no environmental impact.  It is time to start construction and welcome the new jobs and economic growth that comes with it”.

“Ultimately this is about creating opportunities and bettering the lives of Nebraskans.  The economic benefits from the KXL will be a great boost for citizens all over the state,” Litt pointed out.  Litt concluded, “Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska wants all Nebraskans to be more prosperous; this is one step in the process”.


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