The Perils of Common Core

May 02, 2013

Public education across the country is about to radically change, and most Americans aren’t even aware. That’s because the Obama Administration and special interests have been pushing a scheme called Common Core to nationalize educational standards under the public radar for years. One recent poll by the nonprofit organization, Achieve, found that 79% of voters said they know “nothing” or “not much” about Common Core.

In Nebraska there is legislation, LB 512, that would allow Nebraska to participate in the nationalization of our K-12 education system.  Contact your state senator and let them know you oppose Common Core.

Fortunately, citizens are starting to wake up to Washington’s takeover of our public schools’ curricula. Opposition to the standards has started to amass in states like Colorado, Georgia, Texas, Indiana and Ohio. That’s good, because these national standards are expensive and ineffective.

As if the states don’t tax and spend enough already, Common Core would cost an estimated $15.8 billion to implement across the country. That’s because every school will have to buy new computers and thousands of new textbooks that comply with the curricula.

Even worse, what’s in these pricey new textbooks isn’t even worth the investment. That’s because Common Core’s goal of reducing the student achievement gap between states is ineffective since there are wider gaps within states. 
Will you join us in an online effort to #StopCommonCore by joining a Twitter rally, essentially a rally on Twitter, that is part of a collaborative project designed to share the research diligently collected by parents and citizens concerned about the government’s push for national common standards.  This push is to gain awareness and answer your questions regarding Common Core. Please join AFP Foundation and other education reform minded organizations for the Twitter rally and keep posting your thoughts, comments and questions on Twitter using #StopCommonCore.
Instead of forcing uniform standards onto schools as diverse as America, the Federal Government should preserve our states’ freedom to set their own standards and tailor curricula to their students’ needs. The United States’ federalist structure has been cherished by Americans for centuries because it limits federal power in favor of allowing states to provide their citizens more efficient services tailored to local needs. Common Core’s one-size-fits-all approach to education ignores local problems that state and city governments are more qualified to address.
Nebraska’s students and teachers have been tied down by the Federal Government’s red tape for years with failed educational reforms like No Child Left Behind. Our children deserve better than Common Core, especially since their futures are on the line.
P.S. You can learn more about Common Core’s failing approach to education by reading this Need to Know report.
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