Testify in Omaha & Lincoln for Lower Taxes

October 10, 2013

We’re sure you’ve heard the following statement before, “do yourself a favor.”  Well, do it; put more money in your pocket.  Sounds too good to be true, huh?  Here’s the thing… it’s not!

The Nebraska Legislature’s Tax Modernization Committee is going to be in Omaha and Lincoln on October 17 and 18, respectively.  You need to turn out, testify, and do yourself a favor.  Not only will lower taxes help you, but it will benefit your friends, family, and neighbors.  Here are the hearing details:

  • Omaha: October 17, 1:30 PM, Room 120 Industrial Training Center, South Omaha Campus, Metro Community College, 2909 Edward Babe Gomez AVE, Omaha, 68107.
  • Lincoln: October 18, 10 AM, Room 1113, Nebraska State Capital.

You should specifically ask for a lower income tax rate.  When income taxes, both individual and corporate, are low, investment in jobs, equipment, and more goes up.  This means higher pay, more jobs- greater opportunities for all, especially those who need it.

While property taxes are high, state aid hasn’t proven to be successful.  In the end citizens end up paying more in taxes- just look at New Jersey.  We need to cap property taxes.

Do yourself a favor.  Join us at the Tax Modernization Committee and testify for lower taxes.  Let us know you are coming and testifying at these links, Omaha & Lincoln.

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