Suttle is Hungry to Use Restaurant Tax

January 08, 2013
Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle said that the city will have a budget shortfall due to the firefighter contract negotiated by the city council.  Suttle may use revenue from the restaurant tax to cover the budget gap.
While the city council claims it is unaware of how Suttle is coming to his conclusion, the larger issue is highlighted: public labor union bosses are continuing to push for compensation increases during collective bargaining negotiations that are harmful to city, county, and state budgets.
The city of Omaha had a chance to make greater headway with its last negotiation.  Instead, it placed a Band-Aid on a far more severe injury.  These types of negotiations lead to the need to gather and use more tax revenue, which ultimately hurts the Omaha tax payer!
The cities of and the state of Nebraska need to address the problems public sector unions create.  Our elected officials owe it to us- the people they represent.
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