Support Elimination of the State Income Tax!

January 17, 2013

Yesterday, Gov. Dave Heineman called on our state senators to eliminate the state income tax.

Nebraska families would see substantially greater take-home pay as a result of the governor’s tax plan.

Click here to tell your senator to do the right thing and support elimination of the state income tax!

By paying the income tax, Nebraska families and small businesses are subsidizing special-interest sales tax exemptions– such as exemptions for fine art purchases, floral deliveries, speed boats and much more.

Nebraska needs a 21st century tax structure that acknowledges that middle class families are struggling. The governor’s plan eliminates the state tax burden on family income and makes Nebraska more competitive for economic growth and job creation.

Click here to tell your legislator to back the governor’s plan to eliminate the state income tax.

The governor laid out two different visions for Nebraska during his State of the State speech. We can either continue being a state that taxes too much to fund an ever-increasing number of government programs, or we can be a state that eliminates the burden on middle class family income.

We need to show our support for this dynamic tax relief plan that will shift the tax burden away from Nebraska’s families and eliminate special-interest loopholes.

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