Sen. Krist’s Legislative Move Was Misguided

May 28, 2013

From today’s Omaha World-Heralda public pulse letter written by a veteran who is critical of Sen. Bob Krist for attempting to attach an amendment that would expand Medicaid to a Veterans bills.  The writer calls out Sen. Krist for this politically-based shenanigan.

Legislative move was misguided

On May 21, State Sen. Bob Krist of Omaha attempted to attach Medicaid expansion to a veterans bill. I’m a veteran and frankly do not appreciate or like his misguided politics.

Krist attempted to attach Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act as an amendment to State Sen. Charlie Janssen’s Legislative Bill 224, which would require the state to give preference to disabled veterans who submit the lowest bids for public contracts. (Krist has since withdrawn the amendment — editor.)

While the members of the Nebraska Legislature are attempting to help expand work opportunities for veterans and focusing on other issues concerning the state, Krist was pushing his personal agenda to implement a controversial initiative on the backs of veterans.

I’ve already been questioning Krist’s beliefs on public policy. Now I strongly question his ability to make good decisions for his constituents and our state.

Brian Mahaffey, Blair, Neb.

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