Public Input Solicited for Tax-Reform Proposals

September 03, 2013

As the 104th Session of the Nebraska Legislature inches closer, senators serving on the Tax Modernization Committee are asking for public input to round out their proposals.

As reported in the AP, and published in the Norfolk Daily News, the TMC “has drafted several proposals to change the state’s income, property, and sales and use taxes”.  According to Senator Hadley, Chairman of the TMC, the goal is to make the tax system “more equitable and competitive” and not to reduce or increase state revenue.

A fairer system is desirable; we would also like to see a tax system that helps keep state spending in check and decreased in time.  We want, as we did when the governor first proposed the changes last session, that state budget increases attached to population + inflation.  This would keep government spending more in line with the population and not as the government sees fit to grow.

This news from the AP is encouraging in some respects, but as always it will come down to what is actually proposed.

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