Oppose a Property Tax Hike in Douglas County

June 12, 2013

Your tax bill may be higher next year, if some members of the Douglas County board have their way.

To fill a $3 million shortfall, some county commissioners have called for a property tax increase.

Click here and tell your county commissioners that when Douglas county families and business owners face a shortfall, we tighten our belts and cut expenses – and they need to do the same.

The total Douglas County budget is $170 million and the $3 million shortfall represents less than 2% of the total county budget.  Tell the county commissioners that instead of a property tax increase, they can find spending cuts that equal less than 2% of the budget!

Douglas county families cannot simply demand larger paychecks when times get tough, and business owners cannot ramp up their prices and remain in business – so, why does government think that when times get tough it can simply raise revenue and take more out of our pockets?

It’s time to send a message.  Douglas county taxpayers give enough of hard-earned money to fund local government.

Click here and tell the county commissioners it is time to cut spending!

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