Obamacare Hurts Job Growth

November 13, 2013

AFP-NE Director, Matt Litt, was in the Lincoln Journal Star on November 12th with an op-ed, Local View: Obamacare hurts job growth.

Here is an excerpt of the op-ed:

About 11.3 million Americans are unemployed and, at the current rate of job creation and even at this new level of job creation, it would take more than five years for the country to close the jobs gap started by the Great Recession.


The Obama administration and its allies continue to claim that their policies are not responsible for the struggling economy, but the evidence is undeniable. Even the Federal Reserve says so. In the central bank’s latest Beige Book economic report, employers in six of its twelve districts cite the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (popularly known as Obamacare) as a source of the sluggishness.


Unfortunately, this is just the beginning. With more than a year left until full implementation, the negative side effects of the legislation will continue get worse, and they’re not just limited to employers either. The “glitchy” opening of Obamacare’s individual exchange this month has given America a preview of what’s to come with nationalized health care — poor customer service and higher premiums. Nebraska families and all Americans deserve simpler regulations that don’t dramatically alter our economic fortunes.

Follow the link for the full piece.

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