Norfolk Chamber President to Speak in DC

September 16, 2013

Today we found out that the president of the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce will be headed to our nation’s capital to tell lawmakers of the positive impact the Keystone pipeline has had on the community.

Dennis Houston, president of NACC, was asked by Rep. Terry to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee this week.

Houston noted:

  • 750 jobs were created during construction;
  • project was the third largest employer in Norfolk at the time;
  • ecomonic impact of $10 million; and
  • positive impact is still being felt through another infrastructure project.

This could be the experience of towns and counties along the newly proposed KXL pipeline route.  The majority of Nebraskans and Americans support the construction of the pipeline.  President Obama should say “yes” to KXL and positive economic impact for communities across Nebraska.

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