NEWS RELEASE: Americans for Prosperity Supports Efforts to End Health Insurance Tax

July 11, 2013


Contact: Matt Litt, M.Ed., Deputy State Director,

Americans for Prosperity Supports Efforts to End Health Insurance Tax

*AFP-Nebraska thanks congressional delegation for co-sponsoring legislation*

LINCOLN, NE – Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska, a statewide free market advocacy group, joins others in the Nebraska Healthcare Alliance in thanking the Nebraska Congressional Delegation for co-sponsoring legislation to eliminate the Health Insurance Tax in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

“Americans for Prosperity has opposed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act since the beginning of the debate.  We have worked tirelessly to fight the burdens the law has and will continue to place on Nebraskans,” stated Deputy State Director, Matt Litt.

Litt expressed the organization’s gratitude, “we want to join others in thanking our congressional delegation in working to eliminate the Health Insurance Tax.”

Litt went further and stated that the PPACA needs replaced with a free market solution, “Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska would like to see the delegation go all the way and work for the full repeal of the PPACA and replace it with free market based solutions.  This law is financially unsustainable for Nebraskans.  According to a report from the Society of Actuaries, Nebraskans will see an increase in premiums due to the increase in medical claims health insurers must pay because of the law.  Money that individuals and families were spending to better their lives, will now be spent on new health insurance changes they do not want.  The costs to Nebraskans will not stop there.  Many aspects of the law are not yet in place or behind schedule.  Costs are only going to increase”.

“The PPACA is a government-centered fix that will ultimately fail you and me.  We need a patient-centered solution.  We can see improvements by removing the government from our healthcare and eliminating the Health Insurance Tax is a good step”, Litt concluded.

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