Nebraskans Get Notice of Changes in Insurance

September 17, 2013

Recently 45,000 Nebraskans received letters from Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and found out that “[B]ecause of the Affordable Care Act, their deductibles and copayments are going up if they pay the same monthly premiums. Or they can pay higher premiums if they want to keep similar deductibles and copayments” (OWH).

It sure doesn’t seem like they can keep the insurance like*, at least not without paying more.  In fact, because of the Affordable Care Act previous insurance plans are being scrapped in order to meet new requirements.

The PPACA is an unaffordable mandate on everyday Americans while the politically connected get a pass.  The majority of Americans still don’t approve of the law.  You deserve an exemption too!

Sign the petition and let President Obama know that he should exempt you too.


*video is a good medley of Obama’s promises, not an endorsement of the website


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