Nebraskans Deserve ObamaCare Exemption on Enrollment Day

October 02, 2013

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AFP: Nebraskans Deserve ObamaCare Exemption as Prices Soar
Subsidies or not, Nebraskans will still pay extra cost as taxpayers, says state director Litt.

OMAHA — Today, October 1, brings the start of open enrollment on the ObamaCare insurance exchanges around the country, and Americans for Prosperity is sounding the alarm as prices begin to soar in Nebraska. Hundreds of thousands of grassroots activists around the country have signed the group’s Exempt Me, Too! petition, asking the President for the same special treatment better-connected groups have received.

The director of Americans for Prosperity’s Nebraska chapter, Matt Litt, released the following statement marking the unpleasant October 1 milestone:

“Well, opponents of the law were right when they said this law would be a disaster that raises health insurance costs for many of us. When Nebraskans log onto the ObamaCare exchange, they’ll be facing premium hikes of more than 250 percent in many cases. While sympathizers contend that these numbers don’t matter because premiums will be subsidized, they want us to ignore the obvious: we’re paying for this one way or another. As federal taxpayers, we are all on the hook as premiums soar all over the nation.”

A 27-year-old man can expect to see 279 percent higher premiums, on average; a woman of the same age will face a roughly 227 percent jump in costs before subsidies are calculated. The figures look no better for 40-year-olds: men in that bracket are looking at 288 percent more expensive premiums, and women 273 percent more [Forbes, 9/25/13].

“When Nebraska taxpayers see the prices they’ll be charged for their coverage, I have no doubt more and more of them are going to begin wondering where their own exemption is from this costly mess of a law. All Americans deserve an exemption from this law’s provisions, not just well-connected groups and allies of the administration.”

Hundreds of thousands of Americans for Prosperity’s grassroots activists have already signed the Exempt Me, Too! petition at, declaring that it’s time for the President to give all Americans an exemption from ObamaCare.

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