Medicaid Expansion is not the Answer to ObamaCare Woes

October 29, 2013

Nebraska Watchdog published an article yesterday highlighting a family whose health insurance plan was cancelled and now must purchase a plan on the exchange.  The problem, which many Nebraskans and Americans are facing, is they can’t afford the new plan; the deductible increased $2,000 and the out of pocket costs more than tripled.

It is apparent to us that the issue is the changes in the Affordable Care Act have made the cost of health insurance sky rocket.  Yet, some, e.g. here and here, are using this to advocate for expanding Medicaid in Nebraska.  Medicaid expansion is not the answer.

Expanding Medicaid in our state would add more than 50,000 more Nebraskans to the program at a funding structure that could be changed at any time.  The expansion does not account for those who are currently eligible and not enrolled and would be at the current funding level.  The program also has poor outcomes for enrollees.

The worst part is that Medicaid gives false hope to the people who need it most, while further indebting future generations.

In conclusion, ACA proponents are using the law’s failings to push another failing program, Medicaid, in Nebraska.

Let the senators in Lincoln know that you do not want more of the same failed government “solutions” in Nebraska.

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