Media Update: AFP Nebraska Fights to Eliminate State Income Tax

February 08, 2013

Tax reform rally brings about 25 to Capitol

An Americans for Prosperity tax reform rally brought about 25 people — many from conservative tax freedom and tea party groups — to the Capitol’s west steps at noon Wednesday…

Brad Stevens, with Americans for Prosperity, said the governor’s tax reform bill was about getting new, good-paying jobs for the state. Nebraska needs to be a low-tax state, he said.

The bill isn’t perfect, Stevens said, and there are other exemptions the group would support.

“Why do we continue to exempt certain purchases of fine art? Why do we continue to exempt purchases for lottery tickets?” he asked. “If you can pay a buck for a chance to win $500 million, you can pay $1.07.


Gov., Senators fight hard for no more income tax

Both sides sounded off as tax reform took center stage at the Nebraska State Capitol Wednesday. It was a packed house as testimony last almost all night…

Americans for Prosperity also spoke in support of LB 405. They say it would put more than a thousand dollars back in the pockets of the average Nebraska family.

“That is $1,051 families can save for college, pay off credit card bills, pay the mortgage or add to the rainy day fund,” Brad Stevens said.


Gov. Heineman has few allies on tax plan

LINCOLN — Gov. Dave Heineman urged Nebraska lawmakers to give a thumbs up or thumbs down yet this year on his tax overhaul proposal…

Jeremy Jensen of Lincoln called for the elimination of all sales tax exemptions, arguing that Nebraska’s tax system should not pick winners and losers.

He said doing away with the income tax would put another $140 in his pocket every month, enough to make a huge difference in his life.

“This was brave legislation, and I support it fully,” Jensen said.


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