Lincoln: Mandatory Recycling Coming to your Home?

November 06, 2013

According to the Lincoln Solid Waste Advisory Committee, the city of Lincoln “should ensure curbside recycling is provided to every home, apartment and business in Lincoln” (LJS, 11/6).  But citizens “will not be required to sort, separate and recycle” according to the committee and the mayor’s office.  It sounds like each household would have a bin, regardless of their desire to use it.  This was one of a few recommendations form the committee.

What about paying for it?  We all know that new services aren’t free.

Last night Coby Mach spoke with Rick Hoppe, Chief of Staff to Mayor Beutler of Lincoln, about the potential expansion of recycling in the city of Lincoln on the Coby Mach Show on KFOR 1240 AM.  You can hear the interview here.  Mach attempted to have the funding question answered with no luck.

It is important to note that one can find refuse companies in Lincoln that offer recycling.  Lincolnites can also visit one of 27 recycling drop off sites throughout the city.

We aren’t anti-recycling, but we are curious about the city’s plan to fund expanded recycling if that’s the direction the conversation is headed.  The ball is in the mayor’s court now; this is an important issue for Lincolnites to pay attention to.

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