Legislature Day 2: AFP Announces Bills to Support, Oppose

January 10, 2013

Today the Nebraska Legislature started its 10 day ‘bill drop’ with over 100 new legislative bills and proposed constitutional amendments being submitted.  Below is AFP-Nebraska’s summary of each bill we consider significant to our mission of advancing economic freedom.

To see all the bills introduced today, click here.

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Supporting State Income Tax Exemptions

Sen. Nordquist’s LB 17, Sen. Krist’s LB 5 and Sen. Janssens’ LB 74 and LB 75 all seek to reduce the tax burden on Nebraska’s seniors.

“AFP-Nebraska applauds Sens. Nordquist, Krist and Janssen for moving to eliminate a significant tax burden on Nebraska’s seniors.  According to the Kaiser Foundation Nebraskans spend over $3 billion every year to provide health care services to seniors.  It makes more sense to let seniors keep their money rather than taxing their income to create more government programs,” said state director Brad Stevens.

Supporting Sen. Krist’s LB 14

“Nebraska’s children deserve to receive the very best education.  LB 14 provides significant incentives for private financial contributions to make private and parochial schools more affordable for families who choose to attend those schools,” said Stevens.  “Every student deserves to go to the school of their choice, and Sen. Krist’s LB 14 makes that more affordable.”

Supporting Sen. Schilz’s LB 65

“LB 65 provides for greater local control by allowing local county officials, not state government, to set the fees and compensation of county sheriffs.  We must give local government greater control over local budgets, otherwise Nebraskans will continue paying some of the highest local property tax rates in the nation,” said Stevens.

Supporting Sen. Avery’s LB 79

Sen. Avery’s LB 79 will increase transparency in Nebraska’s political process.  Nebraskans deserve a more user-friendly, online program to track political contributions.  The bill also brings Nebraska’s campaign finance laws into compliance with recent Supreme Court rulings, most notably that taxpayers should not be forced to fund political campaigns, by repealing the Campaign Finance Limitation Act.

Oppose Sen. Lathrop’s LB 104

“Sen. Lathrop’s LB 104 will spend millions of taxpayer money to fund tax incentives for green energy programs that simply do not work.  Handing over taxpayer money to fund energy companies who have a questionable track record creating jobs is a bad investment for Nebraska.”

Support Sen. Pirsch’s LR 2CA

“We applaud Sen. Pirsch for standing up for Nebraska’s taxpayers.  Sen. Pirsch’s proposed constitutional amendment would make it more difficult for government to increase Nebraska’s already substantial tax burden.  This proposal deserves our support.”

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