John Kerry’s State Department: Keystone XL is Safe

March 04, 2013

Last week John Kerry’s State Department released a draft environmental impact study that finds it ‘very unlikely’ the Keystone XL pipeline would have an environmental impact.

Read the State Department report here.

Secretary Kerry’s State Department echoes previous statements and environmental reports produced by the Clinton State Department that confirm the safety of the Keystone XL project.

The State Department report confirms what President Bill Clinton, Warren Buffet and both Republicans and Democrats in the US Senate have been saying: we need to move forward with building Keystone XL.

Keystone XL is safe, represents tens of thousands of new jobs and new economic opportunities for communities that have been hit hard by the national economic crisis.

Opponents of KXL wanted the route moved away from the Sand Hills.  The Legislature and Gov. Heineman have done that.

Now opponents argue KXL represents too great an environmental through.  Secretaries Kerry and Clinton have produced study after study disputing that claim.

Keystone XL is safe, enjoys widespread bi-partisan support.

The project now deserves the support of President Obama.

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