Joe Herring on Medicaid Expansion

April 02, 2013

Author, Joe Herring, of Bellevue asks a simple question to proponents of expanding Medicaid in Nebraska.

If one wanted to learn how to fly, would it be wiser to study the problem, devise a plan and then safely test the method before making the attempt?  Or, would it be better to fling yourself off a cliff in the hopes that you’ll figure it out before you hit the ground?

Herring points out that Sen. Campbell and others have prematurely taken the plunge.

Continue reading Herring’s synopsis of Medicaid expansion here.

Also, let your senator know that you oppose Medicaid expansion in Nebraska.

Herring regularly publishes on and American Thinker and his work has been featured by Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and others.

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