Grassroots Advocacy Makes a Difference

November 08, 2013

As we move into the weekend we wanted to highlight that your actions do make a difference.

The hardships created by Obamacare and the various other national scandals; e.g. the IRS targeting conservative groups, the NSA spying on everyone, etc., can lead one to believe that individuals cannot achieve policy victories.  Nebraska home-schooling advocates show us that banding together can lead to positive outcomes.  Here is the story form the Lincoln Journal Star.

It is easy to get discouraged by everything in the news, by your state senator not seeing things your way, or your city council choosing to do “x” when you wish they would have done “y”.  What we cannot forget is that it is a very long battle for free market and limited government values.

You can and do make a difference.

Have a great weekend.

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