Grand Island: Govt for the Govt, by the Govt

March 21, 2013

Testifying at the state legislature’s public hearings can be intimidating if one does not do it often.  Lobbyists have lots of practice, especially government lobbyists.

You read that correctly; the government lobbying the government for your tax dollars.

This practice is seldom talked about but is highlighted in the Grand Island Independent.  The city of Grand Island is discussing whether tax dollars, $12,000-20,000 should be spent to pay a Lincoln lobbying firm to work on their behalf in state legislature.  Currently, the League of Nebraska Municipalities lobbies for the city and other members of the group.

The city council has not made a final decision at this point.  City Administrator Mary Lou Brown supports the idea, saying that Grand Island needs better representation.  On the flip side, Councilman Chuck Haase said “he philosophically is against ‘spending tax money to get more tax money.’”

Haase hit the nail on the head.  This wastefully practice should be eliminated.  The first step is to slow and halt its growth.  Tell the Grand Island City Council, Mayor, and City Administrator that you oppose the use of your tax dollars to gain more tax dollars.

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