AFP Testimony in Support of LB 558 – Strengthen Property Rights

March 20, 2013

Statement of Support for LB 558                                                                                           March 20, 2013

Chairman Hadley and members of the Revenue Committee on behalf of the Nebraska chapter of Americans for Prosperity I am writing to express our support for LB 558, legislation sponsored by Sen. Bill Kintner to strengthen property rights and tax fairness.

LB 558 is common sense legislation which extends the amount of time property owners have to determine whether they will contest a tax assessment.  Both the status quo and LB 558 give property owners an opportunity to contest tax assessments, the difference is the status quo essentially gives taxpayers a matter of months to assess their options while LB 558 would provide one calendar year.

We believe providing 12 months after a tax assessment is a fair amount of time for both the state and Nebraska’s taxpayers.

This change is significant to property owners, but not to state or local government.  LB 558 does not leave open-ended the option for property owners to contest their tax assessment.  This legislation simply provides more flexibility to property owners as they consider their options.

In the context of the Nebraska Legislature being engaged in a conversation on tax reform, a conversation we strongly support; we believe our state’s tax policy ought to reflect a greater preference to the taxpayer.

LB 558 is a simple change and according to the Legislature’s Fiscal Office poses no fiscal impact.  Yet, this legislation would make a significant difference for Nebraska’s taxpayers who believe they have been unjustly taxed.

Thank you for your thoughtful considering of LB 558.


Brad Stevens                                                                                                        State Director                                                                                                              Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska                                                                                    (402) 261-9332                                                                             

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