AFP Supports Superintendent Pay Transparency Legislation

February 05, 2013

Below is a statement of support for legislation that would increase transparency regarding school administrative pay in Nebraska.

Statement of Support for LB 274 and LB 470

February 5, 2013

Chairperson Sullivan and members of the Education Committee, on behalf of the 40,000 members of the Nebraska chapter of Americans for Prosperity, I am writing to express our support for LB 274 and LB 470, legislation sponsored by Sen. Jeremy Nordquist and Sen. Jim Scheer, respectively, to provide greater transparency to our education system.

Undeniably the majority of administrators, faculty and staff of Nebraska’s public schools work hard to provide a safe, effective learning environment for all students.  However, with tight budgets a reality it is necessary to provide local school boards and the public the greatest amount of information possible regarding administrative expenses.

LB 274 and LB 470 provide important tools to ensure that administrative expenses in our public schools are easy to find, easy to understand and easy to track.  While administrative expenses are a necessary function of operating a school district, each dollar spent outside of the classroom deserves maximum scrutiny.

There is a need for greater transparency.  Consider for a moment the incredibly generous compensation packages offered to a few public school administrators in Nebraska:

Superintendent of Fillmore Central Public Schools – $143,804
Superintendent of Dundy County Stratton Public Schools – $175,393
Superintendent of Lincoln Public Schools – $267,394
Superintendent of Omaha Public Schools – $306,091
Salary of Average Nebraska Teacher – $39,456
Salary of Governor of Nebraska – $105,000

While administrative positions are necessary to the success of our schools; it is important the public has easy access to the financial data to ensure each dollar is well spent.

Thank you for your thoughtful considering of LB 274 and LB 470.


Brad Stevens

State Director

Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska

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