AFP-Nebraska Oraganizes Against Fremont Occupation Tax

January 21, 2013

AFP Oraganizes Against Fremont Food Tax
Activists will organize, testify before City Council

Fremont, NE – Americans for Prosperity – Nebraska opposes a proposed new occupation tax on food and non-alcoholic beverages being considered by the Fremont City Council. While those items are aready taxed at 7%, the city wants to hike that rate to an expensive 8.75%. AFP activists plan to meet at the Keene Memorial Library at 7 PM on January 24, to educate the public on the proposed tax.

“Fremont residents and visitors spend enough every time they eat out, and this unreasonable increase in their restaurant bills will only discourage them from patronizing the local economy,” said Matt Litt, AFP-NE Deputy State Director. “Worst of all, these taxes are just the upfront costs of doing business in Fremont. Behind the scenes, local businesses have to pay up to 7.81% in income taxes, costs which are undoubtedly passed to the consumer”.

“Enough is enough. Hardworking Nebraskans are paying plenty to get by during these tough economic times. The Fremont City Council shouldn’t tax and spend more when the rest of us are cutting back”.

AFP Activists plan to attend and testify at the Fremont City Council’s meeting on Tuesday, January 29th.

For more information or an interview, contact Matt Litt at (402) 533-3250 or 

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