AFP Applauds Rep. Lee Terry for Pushing Obama on Keystone XL

March 07, 2013

President Out of Excuses to Delay Keystone Pipeline
70% Of Americans Say They Support Pipeline Project

Lincoln, NE – Today Americans for Prosperity (AFP) again called on President Obama to swiftly approve the Keystone Pipeline project, a shovel-ready project that awaits his signature to create jobs.

AFP President Tim Phillips said,

“President Obama has stalled long enough on Keystone, and is finally out of excuses. The final obstacle to the Keystone Pipeline was removed last month and now over 70% of the public, including 53% of Democrats, support the pipeline and the thousands of American jobs it will bring. The President’s continued resistance suggests he is overly beholden to the far-Left special interest groups of the environmental lobby, who fail to recognize and act on sound science.

“With the slowest economic ‘recovery’ since the Great Depression and over 20 million Americans looking for work, the President should move quickly to sign this pipeline into law, and start getting Americans back to work.”

AFP-Nebraska State Director Brad Stevens today applauded Rep. Lee Terry for his efforts to push federal action on Keystone XL.

“While President Obama dithers on Keystone XL and the opportunity to create thousands of new jobs, Rep. Lee Terry has taken a stand.  We support Congressman Terry’s efforts to force federal action on a project that’s been studied for over four years.  America’s economy needs greater energy security and America’s families need stronger job security; Keystone XL provides both.  Congressman Terry is right, it is time to approve Keystone XL,” said Stevens.

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