33 Senators Did Not Support Property Tax Relief – See Their Names Here

May 09, 2013

Property tax relief was at the center of contentious debate in the Nebraska Legislature this week.

And Thursday morning senators voted on AM1259, the amendment offered by Sen. Ken Schilz to the state General Fund budget, that would have increased funding for direct property tax relief.

Unfortunately, AM1259 and property tax relief was not incorporated into Nebraska’s $7.8 billion biennial budget.

(You can make the roll call image below larger by clicking on it)

The 14 taxpayer heros who voted in support of property tax relief:

Senators Bloomfield, Kintner, Pirsch, Brasch, Larson, Schilz, Christensen, Lautenbaugh, Smith, Hansen, McCoy, Watermeier, Janssen and Murante

The 33 senators who did not support property tax relief (N = Voting No, PNV = Present Not Voting)”

Speaker Adams (N) and Senators Seiler (N), Gloor (PNV), Ashford (N), Sullivan (N), Hadley (PNV), Campbell (N), Wallman (N), Harms (PNV), Chambers (N), Wightman (N), Howard (PNV), Conrad (N), Avery (PNV), Kolowski (PNV), Cook (N), Bolz (PNV),  Krist (PNV),  Haar (N), Carlson (PNV), Lathrop (PNV), Johnson (N), Coash (PNV), McGill (PNV), Karpisek (N), Crawford (PNV), Mello (PNV), Scheer (N), Davis (PNV), Nelson (PNV), Schumacher (N), Dubas (PNV), Nordquist (PNV)

Excused and not present during the vote: Senators Harr and Price

Contact these members of the Unicameral.  Let the 14 senators that voted for property tax relief know you support them.

And let the 33 senators who did not support property tax relief know how disappointed you are in their vote.

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