Legislative Alerts

Stop Obamacare Expansion

Did you hear the Governor’s speech tonight? His plan for Medicaid is outrageous. What’s even more outrageous? We have learned that legislators, from both parties, are planning to put forward a “compromise” plan that will expand Obamacare right here in Montana. It’s unacceptable — especially from those who ran on a platform of “responsible spending”. In November, Montana voters once again overwhelmingly […]

Kill the Death Tax

September 03, 2014J

The death tax, also known as the estate tax, is a tax on a person’s assets at death. Family-owned farms and businesses are most vulnerable to the death tax. When one generation wishes to pass family business assets down to the next generation, the death tax can threaten the continued viability of the business’ operations. […]

Oppose EPA Water Rights Grab

June 27, 2014

The EPA”s new water regulations would force Montanans to spend tens of thousands of dollars on permits for alleged navigable “bodies of water” like bone-dry riverbeds and drainage ditches.

AFP-Montana 2015 Legislator Survey

June 04, 2014

Do you want to know where our Montana politicians stand on tax increases, government spending, parental school choice, Medicaid expansion and energy development? AFP-Montana surveyed all Montana legislative candidates to see where they stand on various issues of concern to you. While many refused to respond to our survey, a good number cared about your […]