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Freedom and the Fourth – Why it Matters

July 06, 2012

The following is the text of speech given by Joe Balyeat, MT State Director on July 2, 2012 during the freedom rally in Livingston.

I just want to talk briefly about why the 4th matters… why freedom matters. I want to talk about the connection between economic freedom & prosperity. Winston Churchill said, “Capitalism may well be the unequal distribution of wealth… but socialism is the equal distribution of poverty.”

Why is that? The first principal of economics is “incentives matter”. Inequality is the very thing which drives people to be productive. Capitalism creates a more productive nation precisely because it rewards productivity and dis-incentivizes non-productivity. So the more a given nation tries to equalize incomes, the less incentive there is for individual productivity and, eventually, the entire nation inevitably becomes unproductive and poverty stricken. I say there can be no success without the possibility of failure. The utopian dream of equal prosperity for all is unattainable because the more government subsidizes non-productivity, and the more it taxes productivity to pay for all the subsidies – the less productivity you will have. Nations can have the unequal distribution of wealth (capitalism) or the equal distribution of poverty (socialism)… There is no other alternative….. No matter how bad Obama and his cohorts want it to be so.

Take a look at the handout. High freedom – high income. Exponential curve… very slippery slope – income drops rapidly as you move away from economic freedom.

On their first visit, Reagan told Gorbachev a little Russian story. He said: “A man went to the Moscow market, and stood for hours in the bread line. When he finally got to the front of the line, the bread was gone. In hungered frustration, the man started ranting, ‘What kind of a system is this, we stand in these long lines just for a crust of bread, while in America they have bread, cake, fruit, and everything you could ever want. What’s wrong with this country, can’t we see that communism is broken and doesn’t work. Then a Russian policeman grabbed the man, saying, ‘Hey, you can’t say those things about communism. Now shut up and go home.’ The man went home to his wife and said, ‘Honey, things are even more hopeless in this country than I thought. Not only is Russia out of bread, but now our police are out of bullets too.’”

With one friendly little private joke, Reagan had laid out the rotting, stinking corpse of communism for its own ruler’s eyes. First, the economic oppression — the equal distribution of poverty. But, secondly, that one little story also laid out the even sadder intellectual oppression — that as Reagan put it, “the free marketplace of ideas” also stopped at the Iron Curtain.

And finally, that one short little story also demonstrated the stark contrast with America, that our system was so far superior that we could provide both guns and butter, while theirs could provide neither bullets nor bread. That it was hopeless for Gorbachev to think that he could keep up with us militarily or economically.

So now fast forward past the collapse of the Iron Curtain, the collapse of those empires built on the rotted foundation of command-and-control government run economies. We now have a president who says, “we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you’ll join with me, as we change it.” How stupid can you get? And his big government health care takeover is a perfect example of that folly. He wants to take 1/6 of our entire economy and switch it away from the free market which has produced the greatest medical advances in human history, and switch over to a command-and-control govt system which punishes productive healthy people, and further subsidizes the non-productive and those on the government dole. Result – America will be at least 1/6 less productive than it is now. Our children and grandchildren will pay the price for our stupidity.

As European nations who have strayed down this socialist path now teeter on the very edge of financial collapse; he’s whistling us down the very same road. With the US Supremes singing right along… Right when the US economy needs a breath of life and a shot of freedom; Obama is giving us his big government bad medicine:

1) The biggest tax increase in history – One that punishes the productive middle-class. In fact, 20 different tax increases. Including an additional 2.5% tax on your gross income if you don’t knuckle under and buy the inflated insurance policies their selling… snake oil that many people don’t want or need.
2) The biggest govt spending program in history – 1.2 trillion of money we don’t have. Debt piled on the backs of our children on top of the $1.2 million per taxpayer we are already burdened with.
3) $500 billion stolen from a medicare system that is already broken. Seniors will see Medicare premiums increase by $270 per month each by the end of 2014.
4) Health insurance mandates from the federal government requiring that even people with healthy lifestyles buy insurance including every leftwing politically correct coverage. Your freedom of choice in health care coverage is now gone.
5) A whole new class of serfs – co-dependents on the government dole; who receive government subsidies to help them pay for these monstrous health insurance bills. 133% of the poverty level for a family of four is close to $50,000. That means well over half of all Montanans will now be on the govt dole. Government won’t pay all the cost of your health insurance… just enough of it to make you subservient… and quiet… and compliant.

What can be done about it? The federal government – congress, the US Senate, the executive branch – all must be pressured to abandon this horrendous takeover. And if that doesn’t work between now and 2013, the next step is targeting state legislatures. Hidden in all the hype of the Supreme Court ruling is that the Supremes voted 7-2 against the feds’ blackmail of the states. So the light shining thru the crack in the door is that the states can’t be blackmailed into Obamacare. If Montana’s legislature refuses to set up an exchange to implement fed health care, it may protect Montana from many of the negative freedom-killing, job-killing implications.

That’s where you come in. Get involved. Make your voice heard in DC and in Helena. You want freedom… you need to work for it (“Will Work For Freedom”). You want prosperity for your children… you want to pass on the greatest nation in human history to the next generation. Then now is the time to stand up and be counted. The Supremes have made it crystal clear – There is no tomorrow. Stand up, and fight for freedom. Not just on the 4th… but every day.

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