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Flash Rally Opposing SCOTUS rule on New Health Care Law Draws Activists and Local Media

June 28, 2012

June 28, 2012, Bozeman, Mont.—More than 50 people gathered on the Gallatin County Court House within three hours of the US Supreme Court’s decision to uphold all of the President’s new health care law. Despite the disappointing news of the court’s decision, activists gathered to express their opposition and to hear from local leaders.

Joe Balyeat, AFP Montana’s State Director led off the event as the bells ominously rang across the street at the local Catholic Church indicating the hour of high noon. Balyeat said, “Healthcare represents one-sixth of our nation’s economy. Today’s ruling effectively transfers one-sixth of the US economy from the productive free market system over to government command-and-control. Despite the sorry lessons learned from failed Soviet and European socialism, our US government is hell bent on taking us down this path to economic failure. This new law will drive up costs with unnecessary mandates, reduce patient choices and lower the quality of care provided.”

Carl Graham, President of the Montana Policy Institute spoke about practical options including tort reform and interstate purchase of health insurance to foster competition.

Kriegel reminded the audience on Montana’s connection to government-run health care. “Sen. Jon Tester cast the 60th vote, Sen. Baucus helped write the bill and State Attorney General Steve Bullock refused to join the Attorneys General lawsuit,” Kriegel said. He encouraged activists to stay engaged, become informed and continue to advocate for freedom of choice in health care.

AFP-Montana will continue to press for a repeal of the entire law as well as opposed federally-mandated healthcare exchanges which would onerous regulations to the health care system.

The next event on July 2nd in Livingston at the Sacagawea Park Band Shell beginning at 5:30 PM will be the next opportunity for activists to gather and voice their dissent to the new law.

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