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AFP-Montana 2014 Legislative Candidates Survey

May 09, 2014

Do you want to know where our Montana politicians stand on tax increases, government spending, parental school choice, Medicaid expansion and  energy development? AFP-MT recently surveyed all 300 Montana legislative candidates to see where they stand on various issues of concern to you. While many refused to respond to our survey, a good number cared about your concerns and took time to answer our questions.

DOWNLOAD PDF OF SURVEY RESULTS HERE (or scroll down and read below)

Survey Questions
1. Will you support legislation to create public charter schools?
2. Will you support legislation to create tuition tax credit scholarships?
3. Will you support legislation to create a School Choice voucher program?
4. Will you support a budget that reduces spending?
5. Will you support zero-based or priority-based budgeting system?
6. Will you support legislation to create a contingency plan if Washington cuts off or greatly reduces funding for Montana so our government can remain functional?
7. Will you support legislation that reduced Montana income taxes?
8. Will you reduce property taxes?
9. Will you sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge?
10. Will you oppose Medicaid expansion?
11. Will you oppose modified Medicaid expansion?
12. Will you support increased Montana energy development via regulation reductions and/or court reform?
13. Will you support a resolution calling for the transfer of federal lands back to the State of Montana?
14. Will you support legislation to establish a hybrid plan for new employees which borrows the best from both defined benefit and defined contribution plans?
15. Will you support legislation to establish a Defined Contribution Retirement Plan for new hires?
16. Will you oppose implementation and/or funding of Common Core curricula in Montana?

NOTE: If your candidate(s) is/are not listed below, that means they did not respond to the survey.

MT SURVEY 495x1024 AFP Montana 2014 Legislative Candidates SurveyAmericans For Prosperity–Montana does not endorse candidates. This survey is used to ascertain where candidates stand on issues of concern to our activists. Survey results are not intended to be used to support or oppose any candidate for office nor is it intended to support or oppose any political party.

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