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Events to Address Assaults on Economic Freedom

September 19, 2013

During the last few weeks of August, AFP-Montana has been touring throughout Montana talking up the virtues of economic freedom and warning activists of the threats posed by wasteful federal spending on our free market economy. In some places and by request of local groups, we are also screening, FrackNation, an excellent documentary that debunks […]

Kriegel: Fix Medicaid, Don’t Expand It

March 26, 2013 J,

There are many things we “know” about Medicaid that should cause concern. Medicaid already comprises 25% of our projected 2015 budget. And once expanded, there is very little likelihood of turning back, despite the sunset clause and very little incentive and likelihood of studying and improving it.

There are many things we know we don’t know about Medicaid expansion—can the system accept up to 70,000 new patients; will it drive more doctors out of private practice, will it reduce health care access; will it create a larger dependent class of young, healthy and single participants; can we depend on the federal government for full ongoing funding? These unknowns are even more disconcerting.