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Tax Day Tea Parties and Gubernatorial Forum Cap an Exciting Week

April 19, 2012

Americans for Prosperity-Montana had a great last few days at Tax Day Tea Party rallies around the state and participating in the Lewistown Tea Party’s Gubernatorial Forum. In Bozeman, over 150 AFP supporters and Tea Partiers turned out on Saturday, April 14 to hear activists young and old speak out for liberty, limited government and lower taxes.

Jim Beers, a 30 year veteran formerly with the US Fish and Wildlife spoke about the economic impact of the introduction of wolves on Montana ranchers and farmers. I was honored to be the final speaker at the event and talked about the need to lower taxes to increase business investment and create new jobs. I also criticized Sen. Max Baucus for accusing Tea Partiers and liberty-supporters of waging a war on woman’s reproductive rights. I told the audience it was Senator Max Baucus who was waging a war on women. In fact, he’s waging a war on every woman, man and child in America. I asked the audience:

“Where was Senator Baucus when Congress passed three big bank bailouts? Where was he when our Congress was running up a debt of $16 trillion? Where was he during the ObamaCare debate? Where was he the last 1,000 days plus when the Senate couldn’t even pass a budget? I’ll tell you where Senator Baucus was. He was leading the way for bailouts, wrote ObamaCare and serving as Senate Finance Chairman.”

Ryan Garrity, Rebbekah Mohr and Edward Johnson each spoke on behalf of our youth and students. Garrity extolled the forgotten American hero—the businessman and entrepreneur who create jobs and grow the economy and who have been under assault. Each of these speakers offered participants real hope and comfort that our young people are also ready to stand for economic and political freedom.

Later that night in Virginia City, Henry Kriegel and Jim Beers spoke at the Madison County Tea Party in an event that drew over 100 participants. At both events, Tea Partiers and AFP supporters signed the Stop ObamaCare in Montana petition. Jim Beers discussed practical steps to for state and local governments to assert control over their assets and land.
On Sunday, AFP-MT spoke at the Montana Shrugged (Billings) Tea Party for an event at the Yellowstone County Court House. Over 50 people braved the inclement weather and heard from Eric Olsen, head of the local Tea Party, Derek Skees and a number of other local activists. The event was covered by the Billings Gazette and the KXLF-TV.

Lastly, on Monday, April 16, AFP-Montana supported the Lewistown Tea Party’s Gubernatorial Debate. Henry Kriegel, AFP-Montana Grassroots Coordinator served as co-moderator with Aaron Flint, host of the Voices of Montana. As runaway spending, big bank bailouts and bonuses, ObamaCare and the takeover of private industry continues have driven our economic growth and prosperity into a ditch, it is critical that citizens get educated about where candidates and their elected officials stand on the issues. This debate helped provide answers to many of the questions citizens needed to make an informed vote.

The debate was audio broadcasted statewide through the Northern News Network and locally on KXLO AM-KLCM FM as well as Mid-Rivers Cable Television which extended the reach of the event to thousands across the state.

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