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Action Item: Write Letters to the Editor on Sen. Baucus’ Failed Leadership

April 27, 2012 J

As you may know, Sen. Max Baucus, in his first fundraising email after announcing his re-election campaign for 2014, attacked the Tea Party. Claiming Tea Partiers had an "extreme agenda", Baucus wrote "We all know the Tea Party's agenda runs much deeper than trying to limit women's freedom -- they've been trying to defund family planning clinics since 2010..."
The Senator's accusation is nothing more than a distraction from the larger issues we all face—the economy and the need for more and better-paying jobs.
AFP-Montana is asking you to write letters to the editor to refocus attention on the economy and the Senator's lack of leadership as Finance Committee Chairman in addressing it. Suggested message points appear below.
Key Message Points

AFP-Montana Co-Sponsoring Leadership Institute “Grassroots Activist School” in Bozeman

December 06, 2011 J

Americans for Prosperity-Montana is co-sponsoring the Leadership Institute's Grassroots Activist Training School scheduled on January 28-29, 2012 at the Best Western GranTree in Bozeman. This exceptional training event is being brought to by a coalition of pro-freedom organizations including the Montana Tea Party Coalition and the Bozeman Tea Party who are who are organizing the event, and the Tea Party Patriots who are also co-sponsors. “These organizations are coming together to bring Montanans the best training possible,” said Henry Kriegel, Grassroots Coordinator for AFP-Montana. “These skills along with our passion and love of freedom will help make us an unstoppable force in support of our common principles of free markets, fiscal accountability and limited government.”
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Montana State University Homecoming Day Parade

October 25, 2011 J

October 1, 2011, Bozeman, Mont.--Americans for Prosperity-Montana, along with local Tea Partiers and AFP-Montana members, participated in the annual MSU Homecoming Day Parade. The annual event, which draws thousands of spectators along the parade route through Main Street, is a celebration of more than just the local university or its football team. It's a celebration of what makes our community, state and nation great--its people and its traditions.

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