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Surviving ObamaCare 101: How to Mitigate Your Health Insurance, Tax, and Penalty

At this presentation you will find out:

-What are ObamaCare’s hidden taxes?
-How you can qualify for an exemption?
-Whether it is more “affordable” for you to not comply with the mandate?
-What are the long-term costs for students and young adults?
-Why Medicaid expansion is a bad economic and bad health policy?

Joe Balyeat currently serves as the State Director for Americans For Prosperity. He is an Award-Winning Certified Public Accountant and former State Senator. Balyeat is the former Chairman of the Senate committee overseeing insurance mandates. He has crafted legislation to reduce and simplify income tax, address health insurance costs without growing government, and reduce government spending.
If you are a student, a young adult, the head of the household, Dr. Mom…you will want to know how you can mitigate the negative impact of ObamaCare. Because it may be awhile before we get it repealed and real healthcare reforms implemented.

For more information, e-mail infoMT@afphq.org. 

Where Lexington Inn &Suites 3040 King Ave West Billings, MT 59102

When March 24, 2014 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm