Within PPACA Lies a Pack a Lies

February 13, 2013

It’s hard to exaggerate the potential economic disaster that awaits us when Obama’s PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) legislation is fully implemented. One thing that’s becoming clear. The Obama administration routinely misled the American people in their desperate attempt to pass the Health Care legislation back in 2009. As Nancy Pelosi so eloquently explained “you have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” and now we are finding :ut that what’s in it is markedly different from what we were promised. Here are a few of the ways that Obama and Co. deceived the American people.

Health Care Lie #1: “The Health Care Law penalty is not a tax”: One of the most ominous provisions of the Health Care Bill is the mandatory fine to be levied against anyone who does not pay into the Health Care program. Advocates of the bill told us again and again that this fine was NOT A TAX. Obama himself insisted on several occasions and in various interviews that it was NOT A TAX. Unfortunately for Obama, it is either a tax or it is unconstitutional (something which the Tea Party has been pointing out since the beginning of the Health Care debate). This is why, after the bill’s passage, Obama’s own lawyer Donald Verrilli suddenly began referring to the fine as a “tax penalty”, and characterized it as such when he testified in front of the Supreme Court. This duplicitous bait and switch technique even baffled liberal justice Stephen Breyer who asked “Why do you keep saying tax?” at one point during Verrilli’s testimony. Of course, as Merrill Matthews of Forbes magazine has pointed out, this tax hike combined with the other tax hikes in Obama’s Health Care bill amounts to the LARGEST TAX HIKE IN HISTORY. No wonder Obama and his underlings lied about this provision in the lead up to the bill’s passage. Here’s the video evidence:

Video Clip 1:  Obama on taxes and Merriam-Webster dictionary

Video Clip 2: Obama Lawyer Laughed at In Supreme Court

Health Care Lie #2: “States will be able to shape their own healthcare plans”: While most small government advocates have viewed PPACA as an unprecedented assault on personal liberty and economic freedom, some conservatives argued that there was one bright spot in the legislation– a provision that individual states should be given a certain amount of latitude in designing their own healthcare plans. Well, as of May 2012 that provision is as worthless as the paper it was written on. Once the Administration realized that around half the states were not going to set up the ObamaCare required state run exchanges, they panicked and have apparently decided to use the IRS to force “rogue” states to comply. States like Oklahoma, which had intended to opt out of the state-run insurance exchange, are now being threatened by the IRS with an “employer play-or-pay mandate”. This is a fine which the IRS is supposed to impose on businesses which do not provide sufficient medical insurance for their employees. Instead, apparently at the Obama administrations behest, they are twisting this “play-or-pay” mandate into a weapon to be used against non-compliant states. The Administration’s absurd scheme to punish over half the states in the Union is just another example of the corrupt bullying tactics that Obama has been using since day one of the Healthcare debate.

Health Care Lie #3: The Individual Mandate insures that all Americans will get Health Insurance Coverage. This is false according to the Congressional Budget Office which just this week confirmed that 7 million people will actually lose their insurance when PPACA is fully implemented. Some of these people will simply be unable to pay their new hefty insurance premiums (as all Obama’s new mandates drive insurance costs dramatically higher) and will instead opt to pay the non-compliance penalty. Furthermore the CBO estimates that in 10 years (even with the Individual Mandate in place) there will still be upward of 23 million uninsured Americans. Back in 2007, a young Democratic politician from Chicago noted that “If a mandate [to buy insurance] was the solution, we could try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody buy a house”. Of course these words of wisdom came from none other than Barack Obama who also noted that the Individual Mandate had failed in Massachusetts and had left the people of the state “worse off”. But within two years of these comments, Obama had hypocritically reversed his position and wholeheartedly embraced the Mandate.
Consider Obama vs. Obama:

Video Clip 3: American Crossroads: “Individual Mandate: Obama v. Obama”

I’ll skip addressing other “flip-flops” including (but not limited to) the Administration’s duplicity regarding Medicare payment cuts, their attempts to cover up Federal rationing through the Independent Advisory Board and back-peddling on religious/ethical exemptions (the promised exemptions have been no help to Hobby Lobby which has been ordered to pay $1.3 million per DAY for refusing to pay for contraceptive coverage). But perhaps when all is said and done the most glaring lie was when Obama promised that the Health Care bill would be crafted in an honest fashion, with full transparency in front of the American people. This of course, couldn’t have been further from the truth. From the crooked backroom deals with special interest groups and drug manufacturers to the outright bribes of senators like Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln and Ben Nelson, the PPACA legislation has been based on lies and deceit right from the beginning.
It might be easy for those who value liberty and small government to despair at the current state of our country, (especially in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling which upheld PPACA). But it’s worth noting that there are still good people and organizations (like Americans For Prosperity) who are keeping up the good fight against big government and Federal intrusion. As the truly catastrophic nature of the PPACA legislation begins to unfold, there will be even more pressure from the American people to undo the damage that Obama has inflicted (if not through repeal then through a piece by piece dismantling) The Health Care battle is far from over as long as the American people are willing to stand up for freedom and Constitutional governance.

Dan Balyeat is a volunteer blogger with AFP-Montana and did phone banking and canvassing last summer and fall.

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