We are Winning the Spending Debate!

January 22, 2013

It’s going to be a rough four years for those who believe in limited government and fiscal responsibility. Apparently, Pres. Obama is determined to double-down on the big spending fiscal policies of his first four years. On January 9th, White House spokesman Jay Carney made this clear when he told a group of reporters that “deficit reduction is not a worthy goal unto itself.” Of course this sentiment echoes what Obama told Speaker John Boehner during the fiscal cliff negotiations—”America doesn’t have a spending problem.”
Since the November election, many conservatives have been left to ponder why the American people decided to reward the last four years of reckless spending sprees and government expansion with a second term. Many conservatives have even speculated that the country has drifted so far to the left that the ideals of limited government and fiscal restraint are no longer in vogue with the majority of voters.
However the most recent polling data tells a very different story. According to a Fox News polling released earlier this week, around 83 percent of US voters disagree with Pres. Obama’s fiscal vision.

83 percent (including a majority of Democrats) are convinced that the deficit IS a major problem and that there should be major cuts in government spending.

When specifically asked about Jay Carney’s assertion that “deficit reduction is not a worthy goal unto itself,” 77 percent of voters (including 71 percent of Democrats) felt differently. In fact most voters (69 percent) went so far as to insist that the debt ceiling should only be raised if there are accompanying spending cuts. Furthermore, a recent Rasmussen poll of likely voters 81 percent think that Congress ought to take a big paycut until the budget is balanced and a majority feel the President ought to as well.
In other words, the American people may have re-elected Obama, but they disagree overwhelmingly with the reckless big government policies which he has enacted. Conservatives and liberals alike recognize that a National Debt of $16,440,367,926,193.96 IS a problem, and annual trillion dollar deficits can no longer be tolerated or afforded. And they also recognize that President Obama’s solution (which is apparently to spend our way out of it, or “invest” as he says) is not a solution at all.
We small government advocates may have our work cut out for us over the next four years, but we can find solace in the fact that the American people largely agree with us on the key economic issues. Obama may be an especially smooth spokesman for the Left-Wing/ Big Government agenda, but this is still a debate we can win. In fact in many ways we’ve already won it, we just need to find strong voices who can clearly articulate our vision to the American people.

Dan Balyeat is a volunteer with AFP-Montana and is a regular blogger.

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