Stop Common Core in Montana

April 10, 2013

Common Core, a national education initiative whose adoption in the states may be rewarded with federal Race To the Top grant funding, has drawn sharp criticism and concern from a number of education leaders, parents and activists.

We are concerned about the Montana legislature allowing federal intrusion into education content and the lack of proper vetting by local communities, school boards and parents.

Accepting large-scale education changes developed by Washington education elites without proper vetting is simply not a good practice.

Tell the House Education Committee not to turn our children’s educations over to DC bureaucrats.

Common Core is written into SB175, a bill to “generally revise public education funding” sponsored by Sen. Llew Jones. If not amended, additional funds would go to school districts to implement Common Core. We are asking members of the House Education Committee to strip Common Core policy and funding references from the bill. Specifically, we are asking them to delete section 31 of the bill on page 45, which calls for excess funding above the rate of inflation to be used to fund the implementation of Common Core.

AFP-Montana opposes Common Core for a few reasons:

  1. Common Core’s content, while it may contain some good elements, has also raised significant concerns and has not been properly vetted, reviewed and discussed by Montanans
  2.  Major education decisions are best left in the hands of local school boards, teachers and parents, not Washington’s education elite despite the promises of additional federal funds for implementing it.

This bill has already passed out of the Senate without much scrutiny as many conservatives were spread too thin fighting other legislative battles. The bill is now in the House before the Education Committee today, Monday.

There is still time to act. Use our online form to contact all the House Education members today!

Hearings were held Monday, April 8th  and the Committee may take executive action any time thereafter including accepting amendments.

The education of our children is too important to turn over to the education elites of Washington, DC.

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