Oppose Medicaid Expansion Blast Motions in MT House

April 02, 2013

After the House Human Services Committee tabled the Governor’s Medicaid expansion bill Wednesday night, House Minority Leader Chuck Hunter attempted a blast motion. The blast motion failed by 1 vote, 49-50.

However, inside sources reveal that Rep. Hunter will try to blast this motion at every House session up until transmittal of revenue bills on April 5– beginning THIS MORNING.

We need to you email all the House GOP members right away and tell them to vote “No” on any blast motion on HB 590!

Please take action now. Take 2 minutes and send your message to the House Republicans today!

Tell them to vote “No” on blast motions on HB 590, Governor Bullock’s Medicaid expansion. We need to fix Medicaid, not expand it.

For more information on why Medicaid expansion is bad health care and economic policy click here.

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