Montana Energy Freedom Tour Completes 8-City Swing

June 03, 2013

AFP-Montana along with the Montana Petroleum Association just completed its 8-city tour that featured a free screening of the documentary FrackNation.  Crowds of more than 100 joined us in many of the locations.  The documentary helped to debunk the myths perpetuated by the extreme environmentalists and in the celebrity-endorsed and HBO-backed documentary Gasland.

As Joe Balyeat said, “Low cost energy is the mother’s milk of a sound economy.  (and) we are on the verge of a technological miracle that is a clean”  and can lead to energy independence, more better-paying jobs and economic development.  Rebutting opponents concerns, Balyeat said that prosperous nations have a cleaner environment.  Balyeat also said that fracking uses primarily a fluid of 99.5% solution of water and sand and the rest are commonly found in the kitchen including table salt.  Balyeat also pointed out that even Lisa Jackson, Obama’s former head of the EPA who is no friend of oil and gas, admitted that there was not one single case of water contamination due to fracking.

Joe took his fishing and hunting gear with him on tour.  Economic prosperity leads to a cleaner environment.

Jessica Sena is the Communications Adviser for the Montana Petroleum Association, a non-profit trade association with more than 80 year history in Montana.  Sena was recently hired and is the group’s first-ever communications person.  Her main job, countering the  misconceptions and lies of energy opponents.who are affecting public policy in a negative way in Montana and promoting the resource and economic potential in the eastern as well as western part of the state.

Commenting on the organized opposition to fracking, Jessica Sena said anti-fracking activists or “fractivists” are waging an “ideological campaign not based on science.  We’ve been fracking for over 60 years and with approximately one million wells and there has not one single case of contaminated water.”  Sena added, “energy is the single most important economic driver in the last few and we are seeing positive environmental impacts as well.”  Oil and gas in Montana can lead to 30,000 jobs directly and $200 million a year in production taxes excluding property, payroll, capital gains tax. Addressing infrastructure and public service concerns, Sena added that a strong private sector supports a strong public sector.Sena also noted that on a per capita basis, carbon dioxide emissions from power stations are at their lowest since 1961.” Progressives are really against progress in energy development.

As Sena concludes her talks, Let’s get fracking!

Both Sena and Balyeat were guests on Henry Kriegel’s radio show last Thursday.  You can listen to the archive of the interview.

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