Hundreds of Montanans Sign Petition Calling for Real Spending Cuts

October 17, 2013

Americans For Prosperity, Montana chapter recently delivered a petition to Senators Baucus and Tester and Cong. Daines’ offices calling for real spending cuts.  The petition,  signed by hundreds of Montanans, called on Congress and the President to “balance the federal budget, lower annual federal deficit spending and reduce the national debt without raising taxes.”

Signatures on the #StopWastefulSpending petition were gathered during the last couple months at meetings and events throughout the state.

“This petition is being delivered at a critical time,” said Joe Balyeat, CPA and AFP-Montana State Director.  “With the federal deficit at $901 billion this fiscal year, the accumulated national debt at $17.3 trillion and the U.S. government’s unfunded liabilities at $124.8 trillion, we simply must make the cuts.  We can’t afford not to,” Balyeat said.

State Sen. Matt Rosendale watches while Rep. Kerry White signs the #StopWastefulSpending petition. Rosendale signed it moments earlier.

“With respect to the debt ceiling negotiations, Americans For Prosperity has been consistent and clear.  AFP-Montana is calling for dollar for dollar cuts in real spending for any debt ceiling increase as a way to put our budget on a path to balance,” said Balyeat.  (Click here to read AFP’s report to cut back over $1 trillion in spending that both parties should embrace. Some of them are even from the President’s own budget.)

“These last minute behind closed door negotiations are the worst way to run a government,” said Henry Kriegel, AFP-Montana’s Deputy Director.  “Not only do they violate the principle of transparency, they shut out the public from weighing in.  That’s why we engaged our activists, informed them of the nature of problem, offered some real solutions and had them weigh in by signing our petition,” Kriegel said.

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