Balyeat: Tell the Senate, No on Medicaid Expansion

April 02, 2013

The attention on Medicaid Expansion is likely to shift to the Senate, where SB395 failed by a 4-3 vote in Senate Public Health Committee.  Democrat Senate leaders are likely to try to blast the bill out of Committee. Unlike the House where you need a super-majority of 60 votes, all you need is a majority of Senators to vote for the blast motion. We must tell the Senate to vote “No” on all blast motions for SB 395 or SB393, Medicaid expansion bills.

Feel free to use the draft email or edit as you deem necessary. Whatever you do, do it today by clicking here! The Senate is in session today and they may try to blast it out then.

As mentioned before, expanding Medicaid is the biggest legislative battle of this session. It is one large step closer to complete government-run healthcare. It is in fact an integral component of ObamaCare, whose mandated expansion was determined to be unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. So now the ball is in our court to tell our legislature to Vote No on Medicaid Expansion.

There are a number of good reasons to oppose expansion. It may lead to less access to healthcare for all Montanans. It may reduce the quality of care of this failing program. Medicaid patients are worse off than the privately insured and in some cases, the uninsured. Doctors in private practice may be forced to work at hospitals or to early retirement.  The federal government, grounded in unsustainable debt, is an unreliable partner and may not be able to fulfill its funding promise. Lastly, it is very unlikely expansion will lead to new jobs, as proponents argue. Numerous studies show that increased government spending slows economic growth and results in lower wages.

This is the week in which Medicaid expansion is to be decided. The time to act is now!

A couple of clicks and a couple of minutes is all it takes.

Tell them to vote “No” on blast motions in support of Medicaid expansion bills SB395 and SB393!

For more information on why Medicaid expansion is bad policy, click here.

Joe Balyeat, State Director, Americans For Prosperity-Montana.

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