Balyeat: Support Tax Relief and School Choice Funding Now!

April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013–We are in the last week of the legislative session and we need your help to get one school choice bill and three tax relief bills passed!

In the House, there are two Bills in House Appropriations. One is a tax relief bill and the other is a critical School Choice bill that will significantly increase funding for parent choice.

Click here to contact members of the House and urge them to tell their colleagues in House Appropriations to pass these bills out of Committee and send them to the floor for a vote!

SB394, sponsored by Senator Art Wittich, provides a one-time income tax decrease of 5% for 2014. This bill was passed on April 5thdespite attempts by Senate Democrats and union members in the Senate gallery to disrupt the session. House Appropriations is holding hearings on SB394 today, Monday, April 22nd!

SB81, a School Choice funding bill sponsored by Sen. Dave Lewis, provides tax credits for contributions to scholarship organizations. Tax credits would be given to those individuals or corporations making donations to non-profit organizations, who would then give:

  • scholarships to students to attend a school of the parent’s choice or
  • grants to public schools to add educational opportunities to their curriculum and, or
  • grants to Montana colleges for vocational technical programs

SB81 was passed by the Senate two months ago and after working its way through the House once, was tabled in House Appropriations. SB81 is considered a threat to the education bureaucracy even though public and vocational schools would also benefit.

Click here to ask House members to contact their colleagues in House Appropriations to urge them to pass SB394 and SB81.

In the Senate….two more important tax relief bills are stuck in Senate Taxation and need your help getting it blasted to the Senate floor for a full debate and vote. 

Click here to contact Senators and urge them to blast these tax relief bills out of Senate Taxation. Blast out Two Bills Tabled in Senate Taxation Committee.

HB472, sponsored by Rep. Jerry Bennett would establish a $250,000 exemption from the business equipment tax. Every Montana small business who invests in equipment would have more money available to hire Montana workers or to further invest in their business. The bill passed 77-22 in the full House but was tabled in Senate Taxation.

HB230, sponsored by Rep. Scott Reichner, creates permanent, long-lasting tax relief for every Montana property owner. By lowering the overall property tax rate, the bill creates an estimated $100 million in tax relief for Montanans over the course of the next two years and those savings would continue permanently. The bill passed 61 to 38 in the full House but was also tabled in Senate Taxation.

These tax cuts would mean that individual Montanans and small businesses will both retain more of their earnings to spend and invest as they see best. –Joe Balyeat

We need your help to get a blast motion supported by a majority of Senators so that HB472 and HB230 can go to 2nd reading (debate and vote) in the full Senate.

Please take the five minutes needed and contact these legislators today! Your efforts can make the difference.

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