Balyeat Delivers Economic Freedom Message Statewide

January 29, 2013

The Economic Freedom and Prosperity presentation, being delivered throughout the state by Joe Balyeat, AFP-MT’s State Director, provides great talking points to help anyone understand and explain the unique benefits of our free market system. It is based largely on the research by Robert Lawson of Auburn University and James Gwartney of Florida State University as well as other reputable sources. The researchers defined economic freedom as countries who have rule of law, sound currency, appropriate regulations, free trade and small government. The benefits of economic freedom to the common man are great and are measured in terms of better income, education, quality of life and cleaner environment. They are the benefits that people of all political persuasions purport to want for themselves and their loved ones.

It is clear from history and this presentation that economic freedom, not socialism, leads to a better quality life including longevity, improved education, cleaner environment and higher income levels.
People who live in economically free countries not only make more money, they also live happy, healthier lives. You have better infant mortality (so you have a better chance of being born), greater life expectancy (you live longer). You are more satisfied with your life (so you are truly happier) and you have a higher income.

This is a must-see presentation. All of us need to be able to defend and promote the benefits of our free market economy particularly in contrast with a command-and-control economy that has failed in countries like the former Soviet Union, North Korea and elsewhere.

If you would like Joe Balyeat to present this talk at your club or organization please contact us at

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