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The Path to Prosperity

The Path to Prosperity

December 02, 2013

Our 2014 Legislative Report Card is now available. See how your legislators scored!

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Path to Prosperity

Policy makers across the country are implementing bold reform measures to make their state more competitive in attracting residents and jobs. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Missouri. Missouri ranked 44th for private sector job growth, 47th for GDP, and 46th for personal income growth over the past decade.

Recognizing this void, Americans for Prosperity – Missouri is creating aMissouri is experiencing a lack of leadership on bold policy objectives.  This lack of vision and direction is crippling the economic well-being of Missouri families and businesses.comprehensive policy document called the Path to Prosperity.   The Path to Prosperity will serve as a long-term, conservative blueprint to guide legislators, engage activists and educate Missourians on issues that can transform our state out of stagnation and into model for economic growth.

The Path to Prosperity will tackle key issues in nine legislative areas:

  1. Prosperity and Freedom
  2. Tax Reform
  3. Education
  4. Spending and Budget
  5. Patient Protections
  6. Regulatory Reform
  7. Energy
  8. Privatization and Municipal Reforms
  9. Worker Freedoms

Individually, these policy initiatives are not enough to bring Missouri out of economic stagnation.  If these legislative areas are addressed cumulatively and over time, however, these policy goals can fundamentally transform Missouri’s economic climate to one that is vibrant and prosperous.

AFP-MO’s Path to Prosperity policy initiative requires constant input and feedback from individuals, groups and policymakers along the way.  As ideas are added, legislation is drafted and bills are passed, AFP-MO will update the Path to Prosperity document.

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