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No Mo Spending 2014

In January of 2013, Americans for Prosperity Missouri, launched an effort to assemble information on all types of tax increases, fee increases, bonding measures, use taxes, etc. on April ballots across Missouri.  In April of 2013, we found Missourian’s voted on over 280 proposed tax increases in local elections.  A staggering 80% of Missouri counties had at least one form of a tax increase proposal on the ballot.

Since the taxpayer is not an endless money supply for government, we are launching the Municipal Project again, in 2014, to highlight all the local tax increase proposals on the upcoming April 2014 ballot.  Once again, local tax entities want more of your money.  So far, there are over 260 local tax increases and we’re still counting, since 15 counties have yet to respond to our request, and don’t post the ballot information online.

Below you will see an interactive map.  Scroll over your county to see what tax increase you might face this April, or view our detailed list of tax increases by county.

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Click here to see the specific tax increases in your county, or to contact your county clerk if the information in missing.

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