The 2013 legislative session began with a flurry of activity that included debate on big issues like Medicaid expansion/Obamacare, major tax reform, and worker protection legislation. To the right you will see a link to our full 2013 Legislative Agenda that was created and distributed to every member of the Missouri House and Senate on the first day of the Missouri legislative session.

As the session progressed, AFP-MO and its over 51,000 members were ever present on legislation impacting our 2013 agenda. It is important that citizens engage their elected officials as they debate and vote on policies that impact our freedoms and liberties. It is also important that we take the time measure how our elected leaders voted on key economic policy matters. As a result, AFP-MO created a legislative report card to provide our members and the general public with an overview of how their elected officials voted on various bills encompassed in our 2013 legislative agenda.

AFP-MO issues included:

  • Medicaid Expansion (HB 627, SB 349, & HB11) | Opposed
  • Paycheck Protection (SB29) | Supported
  • Reining in Common Core (SB210) | Supported
  • Ending Agenda 21 (HB265) | Supported
  • Transportation Sales Tax (SJR 16) | Opposed
  • New Utility Surcharge (ISRS) | Opposed
  • Prevailing Wage Reform (HB34) | Supported
  • Tax Overhaul/Reform (HB 253) | Supported
  • Cap Spending Constitutional Amd. (HJR17)| Supported

The Report Card was created by evaluating votes made by elected officials on these topics. We hope AFP Members will find this information helpful in your own assessment of the successes and failures of this Legislative Session.

AFP-MO and its members will continue to engage in the discussion on policies that either positively or negatively impact personal, business or Missouri’s overall economic prosperity. Three key issues will remain priorities as we continue to push for Medicaid reform, worker freedom legislation and a Constitutional Amendment to Cap Spending.

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