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October 29, 2013

Jefferson City, MO – Your elected officials in Washington have been casting many important votes impacting our economic freedom.  Have you checked out our AFP scorecard lately to see if they’re making the grade?

RepresentativeStatePartyCurrent GradeLifetime Grade
Sen. Roy BluntMOR80%87%
Sen. Claire McCaskillMOD20%19%
Rep. William ClayMOD11%5%
Rep. Emanuel CleaverMOD17%8%
Rep. Sam GravesMOR89%86%
Rep. Vicky HartzlerMOR89%86%
Rep. Blaine LuetkemeyerMOR89%87%
Rep. Billy LongMOR89%88%
Rep. Ann WagnerMOR89%89%

To learn more about each representative’s votes visit http://afpscorecard.org/.

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