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Help Stop Obama's NLRB Attack on Right To Work

September 08, 2011 J

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The NLRB is trying to shut down Boeing’s new plant in South Carolina, because they don’t like that South Carolina is a Right To Work state. This dispute serves as a prime example of the kind of regulatory overreach that is costing America jobs. Instead of expanding production at its unionized plant in Washington State, Boeing decided to build a new facility in South Carolina, a Right to Work state with lower labor costs and a friendlier business climate. The NLRB deemed this decision an “unfair labor practice” and then ordered the company to abandon the new facility in South Carolina.

Companies already face a federal government that imposes over $1.75 trillion in regulatory costs on American businesses every year. Those businesses will simply move their operations overseas if they are also asked to stomach blatant intimidation and costly relocation orders. Enforcing labor laws is important, but allowing the NLRB to dictate where a private company can do business simply goes way too far.

Thankfully, Representative Tim Scott has introduced H.R. 2587, which would stop the NLRB’s actions. Please urge your Member of Congress to support the bill by clicking the link below.


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